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Hello there!

Thomas Stegelmann

Thomas is his first name, eCommerce his middle. He might be German, but he does have a sense of humour. And he knows things, sees things - technical things. Don’t upset him; he’ll make you disappear. True story.


Shops online for ‘professional reasons’. Prefers hanging out with people outside the digital world. A social butterfly. She’s a lover of language. Not big on sports. Not big in general.


Can’t find him browsing the webs for the right shots? Then there’s most likely a party with an amazing line-up nearby. Or he’s snuggled up on the sofa with Bobbie (cat).

Floor aka Phlo

The one and only true Amsterdammer – but without that city attitude. Little shy, very sweet, really ‘gezellig’. And adventurous. You’ll find her in Oost, or travelling, or snowboarding.

Sophie aka S.TOP!

Loves words, loves music, loves cats. Not in any particular order. 32 going on 16. Refuses to grow up, parties like there’s no tomorrow. And then realises that there is…

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