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Browse screenshots from different page types. Compare how companies design their homepages, product listing pages or product detail pages.

Account Login 1 screenshots

This feature refers to the ability to login to your account.

Account Login Page 10 screenshots

Account Page 10 screenshots

The account sections contains information relevant to the user that is currently logged in.

Account Registration 1 screenshots

The ability to register an account with the website.

Account Registration Page 11 screenshots

The account registration page is used to register with the website.

Add to Cart Overlay 2 screenshots

Campaign Landing Page 3 screenshots

Cart Page 47 screenshots

Page where products are listed to buy

Category Landing Page 15 screenshots

A landing page for categories

Checkout Delivery Page 15 screenshots

Page in the checkout where customer can enter his delivery details.

Checkout Login Page 11 screenshots

Page where customer can Login to fasten the checkout process

Checkout Payment Page 9 screenshots

The Page where the customer can enter his Payment details for his order.

Contact Page 5 screenshots

Content Page 2 screenshots

Country Selector Page 6 screenshots

Favorites 1 screenshots

Feedback 1 screenshots

The feedback allows the visitor to leave feedback. We don't offer this functionality, you can simply contact us on the contact page.

Feedback form 1 screenshots

The feedback form allows the visitor to leave feedback

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page 2 screenshots

Gender Landing Page 1 screenshots

Gender Listing Page 6 screenshots

Help Page 10 screenshots

Homepage 160 screenshots

The homepage is a crucial element of any website. For many visitors, it remains their first page of their journey and therefore must not only avoid them from leaving, but also encourage them to move deeper into the site.

Login Page 1 screenshots

The ability to login to an account.

Minicart 4 screenshots

The minicart refers to minimal version of the shopping cart to provide a quick summary of cart's content.

Navigation 5 screenshots

The navigation remains the most important element of any site.

Newsfeed 5 screenshots

The newsfeed shows the most recent updates in chronological order.

Newsletter Registration Page 1 screenshots

Product availability page 1 screenshots

Product Comparison Page 1 screenshots

Product Configurator Page 10 screenshots

Product Detail 2 screenshots

Product Detail Page 78 screenshots

Page where a single product is presented with description.

Product Listing Page 58 screenshots

A page where products are listed

Product Zoom Page 2 screenshots

A Page where the customer can zoom into the product imagery.

Profile Page 3 screenshots

Sale 1 screenshots

Sale communcation

Saved Items Page 2 screenshots

Search Page 1 screenshots

Search Results Page 5 screenshots

The search results page lists the products matching the query of the consumer.

Shop the Look 1 screenshots

Size Chart 1 screenshots

Consumers are able to identify the size of the products that they need.

Splash Screen Page 1 screenshots

Store Locator Page 12 screenshots

Wishlist Page 2 screenshots

Page where people can save their products to their wishlist

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