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Browse screenshots showing different features. We capture the features shown in a screenshot, so that you can find screenshots of the navigation, search or coupon code field,

Account Login 30 screenshots

This feature refers to the ability to login to your account.

Account Password Reset 1 screenshots

Account Registration 17 screenshots

The ability to register an account with the website.

Add to Cart Overlay 2 screenshots

Animation 2 screenshots

Animations are used to improve the user experience

Ask a question 1 screenshots

Section where the customer can ask a specific question

Auto Complete 1 screenshots

The consumer sees suggested terms when providing input.

Back to Top button 1 screenshots

Button to go... - yes, you are right

Banner 43 screenshots

Booking Form 13 screenshots

Breadcrumbs 6 screenshots

Cart 30 screenshots

The cart is an overview of all products selected by the consumer.

Chat 4 screenshots

Functionality where you directly can chat with product expert or just simply customer service.

Comparison 4 screenshots

A feature where a customer can compare products against each other.

Complete The Look 1 screenshots

Contact Form 2 screenshots

Form to enter contact details.

Content Stories 5 screenshots

Cookie Notification 10 screenshots

This feature informs the user that the website is using cookies.

Country Selector 16 screenshots

The country selector allows the consumer to select a different country where the market operates.

Coupon Code 8 screenshots

Create an Account 1 screenshots

A flow that allows the Consumer to create an Account.

Cross Border Shipping Notification 2 screenshots

Currency selector 2 screenshots

Customer service information 3 screenshots

Delivery Form 12 screenshots

Delivery Methods 4 screenshots

Section where the customer can choose the Delivery Method

Error Message 3 screenshots

A message that indicates something is wrong.

Favorites 4 screenshots

Feature 4 screenshots

Feedback 1 screenshots

The feedback allows the visitor to leave feedback. We don't offer this functionality, you can simply contact us on the contact page.

Feedback form 1 screenshots

The feedback form allows the visitor to leave feedback

Filtering 57 screenshots

The ability to filter the content of the current page.

Footer 1 screenshots

Frequently Asked Questions 5 screenshots

The frequently asked questions is a collection of questions and their respective answers aiming to provide quick help, when the consumers needs it.

Geo Location 2 screenshots

Geo Location refers to changing the behavior of the website on the location of the customer

Gift Card 4 screenshots

Section where the customer can enter their Gift Card code

Help 6 screenshots

Image Zoom 6 screenshots

Language Selector 4 screenshots

Loyalty Points 1 screenshots

Feature where the customer can earn discount, depending on how loyal they are to the brand

Map 1 screenshots

Mass Customization 10 screenshots

Minicart 18 screenshots

The minicart refers to minimal version of the shopping cart to provide a quick summary of cart's content.

Navigation 40 screenshots

The navigation remains the most important element of any site.

Newsfeed 2 screenshots

The newsfeed shows the most recent updates in chronological order.

Newsletter 7 screenshots

Newsletter Registration 53 screenshots

The newsletter registration enables a visitor to sign up for the newsletter.

Newsletter Registration Page 1 screenshots

omnichannel 1 screenshots

On Model Photography 29 screenshots

Onboarding 8 screenshots

Onboarding refers to providing the customer help how to use the website.

Online exclusives 2 screenshots

Order History 2 screenshots

Feature where you have an overview of all the orders.

Order Summary 5 screenshots

Section where the order is summarised.

Overlay 6 screenshots

Overlay on top of the page

Payment 8 screenshots

Payment method 2 screenshots

Personal Details 2 screenshots

Feature where the customer can enter or change their personal details.

Preorder 2 screenshots

Product availability 2 screenshots

Product availability in store 1 screenshots

Product Description 6 screenshots

Feature that explains the product features.

Product Detail 55 screenshots

Product Listing 6 screenshots

Product Photography 27 screenshots

Product price 13 screenshots

Product Recommendation 71 screenshots

Consumers are able to see products recommended based on their behavior.

Product Video 2 screenshots

Video's where products are showcased.

Product Zoom Page 1 screenshots

A Page where the customer can zoom into the product imagery.

Promotional Message 40 screenshots

A piece of communication aiming to convert the consumer by offering a promotion.

Push Notifications 11 screenshots

Push Notifications forwards notifications of third party applications to the mobile devices of the user. Notifications may include badges, sounds or custom text alerts.

Ratings 11 screenshots

Ratings provide additional context how well other customers have experienced this service.

Recently Viewed 4 screenshots

Registration Form 5 screenshots

Form where consumer can enter their personal information in order to register for an account.

Reviews 14 screenshots

The consumer can read reviews of other customers.

Sale 14 screenshots

Sale communcation

Saved Items 7 screenshots

Search 42 screenshots

Search Results 4 screenshots

The page containing the results of a search

Segmented grid 2 screenshots

Ship to Store 2 screenshots

shipping information 5 screenshots

Shipping Method 5 screenshots

Shop the Look 5 screenshots

Sign Up Form 4 screenshots

Form where customer can sign up for newsletters

Size Chart 6 screenshots

Consumers are able to identify the size of the products that they need.

Slideshow 41 screenshots

A slide refers to an area of the website that cycles through different pieces of content within the same space.

Social 33 screenshots

Screenshots from social channels.

Social Login 4 screenshots

Sorting 33 screenshots

Specifications 6 screenshots

Splash Screen 1 screenshots

Status Update 1 screenshots

Store Locator 13 screenshots

Technologies 3 screenshots

Content with an explanation of the technology used for the creation of the product or service.

Testimonial 3 screenshots

Total price 6 screenshots

Unique Selling Point 48 screenshots

User Generated Content 9 screenshots

Vertical Dropdown Menu 3 screenshots

Video 14 screenshots

Consumers are able to watch videos.

Wishlist 11 screenshots

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