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We categorized screenshots in various categories to make it easier for you to find this one screenshot.


Browse screenshots from different industries. We want you to see how companies in different industries are solving the problem of selling to you online.


Browse screenshots from different channels. We capture screenshots from websites, e-mails, social media and retail.


Browse screenshots from different page types. Compare how companies design their homepages, product listing pages or product detail pages.


Browse screenshots showing different features. We capture the features shown in a screenshot, so that you can find screenshots of the navigation, search or coupon code field,


Browse screenshots from different devices. We took screenshots using desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices, so you have a easy way of comparing how companies are selling through different devices.


You can browse screenshots grouped by the different companies we are covering.


Browse screenshots from different languages. We want you to understand how companies different when selling in France compared to the United Kingdom


Browse screenshots from a specific country.

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