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Why reinventing the wheel if it’s spinning right in front of you?

Ever thought – “how do they do it?” Well, so have we. And we started documenting it. For us, and for you to learn from the best and the worst shopping experiences. Take a look around and browse through our extensive database of screenshots - from homepage to checkout on desktop and mobile. Shots for everyone!

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Beta note

Please note that we haven’t officially launched yet and that there might be some bugs. We’re working hard to get everything running smoothly …

Our Vision

Why we do it?

We want to learn from each other and continue to improve the online shopping experience.

How we do it?

We take screenshots of things we love and hate online, save them, categorise them and share them with the world.

What it is?

We got an extensive database filled with inspiration on how to optimise your website.

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It’s simple – you can find the screenshot for you by browsing through the category of your choice. We organised them neatly and tagged them by company, industry and subject, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

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